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Some people were having problems at one time or other ordering books from this site. Well, that has all been fixed. Thanks for your patience. B>

How to reduce your shipping costs

When you purchase $35.00 worth of soft cover books weighing less than 10 ounces each, your shipping for that book order will be free. If you include any hard covers and/or any paperbacks that weight more than 10 ounces each, the shipping for those books will be 75 cents each for shipping.

S stands for soft cover; H stands for hard cover. Orders must ship to a United States Zip Code. No international orders ship free. If a book you request is not available you will be asked to order another title(s) to bring your total up to the $35.00 requirement. The shipping fee WILL APPEAR on your order regardless of the dollar amount. I will calculate the appropriate shipping charge when I process the order and send that info on to you..


Please check the information you send. Often orders are delayed because folks mistype their account number or expiration date. Taking the time to double check these numbers can save us all a lot of hastle. Also, please check your e-mail at least once a day after you place an order until you hear from me. If there is a problem, I'll need your help solving it.


We ship by weight not by the book so you will find shipping costs very reasonable. We ship Media Mail via the USPS. The weight of each book is included with the Book description and the Shipping cost is calculated with each new book added to your shoping cart so you can see shipping costs as you build your order.


We are not responsible for shipments lost by the USPS so it is your decision to insure or not (except when using PayPal, then insurance is required). Insurance costs can be found posted on the United States Post Office web site. To insure, just click in the insurance box at the end of the book order form.>


On the Home Page, click on the Order/Catalog icon. When that page comes up, scroll down to about center page and then over to the third box labeled "Description". Type in key words here when looking for categories of books like, WWII, Civil War, Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Egypt, New York, L.A., nuclear, Victorian, historical romance, medieval,inspirational, etc..... or look for your favorite characters like Perry Rhodan, Sherlock Holmes, Spenser, Stephanie Plum,Lincoln Ryme, Lucky Starr.

Looking for a Collector Book or just want to see a book before you purchase it?

We will e-mail a picture of the book you are interested in. We will also supply more detailed descriptions of books if you ask. Click on our e-mail address and tell us what you need.


PayPal is accepted for payment. (Not the charge card..we take only Visa or Mastercard) Our web site is a secure encrypted site and your credit card info is safe but we have added the PayPal option for those preferring to go that route............................................. If you use PayPal type in the word "PayPal" in the credit card box on the order form and the letter "p" in the credit card expiration box on the order form. The order form is the 'Checkout Counter' after your order is placed. All other boxes must be filled in with the correct information including the billing address for your credit or debit card used at PayPal....................................... All PayPal orders must be insured and the shipping address must match the credit card billing address used at PayPal or the address provided to us by PayPal....................................................................................................... When using PayPal, DO NOT submit a PayPal payment until you have received a confirming e-mail from us as we will have to adjust the cost of your order for perhaps a book we cannot ship, Michigan sales tax when required and the cost of the required insurance. We will ship your order upon our receipt of the PayPal payment.


To pay by check, write the word "CHECK" in the space provided for the credit card number and put the letter "c": in the card's expiration box AND IN ANY BOX REQUESTING ADDRESS INFORMATION ON A CREDIT CARD. When we pull your order we will e-mail you confirming the amount of the check and where it is to be sent. The books will be mailed once the check clears the bank here. This may take up to 10 days.


You can purchase GIFT CERTIFICATES from Mystery House Books. Click on our e-mail address and ask about the Gift Certificates and we'll walk you through the process

Click here to go directly to our e-mail mysterylou@att.net


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